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How To Reduce First Kiss Nerves

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous before that delicious first kiss. It means that you’re excited, and that’s a good thing. And just remember, chances are they’re just as nervous as you are. Here Are My Top Tips To Help Reduce Your First Kiss Nerves: 1. Focus on the Positive My first tip is to focus on the positive. Just because they haven’t kissed you yet, doesn’t mean that they don’t want to. So instead of worrying about that first kiss, focus on creating an amazing connection. 2. Reframe Your Nerves as Excitement My second tip is to reframe your nerves as excitement. Now the truth is that while these negative arousal emotions may feel very different and affect our...

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The Top Kissing Turn-Offs According To Science

Have you ever wondered what constitutes a bad kiss? Whilst bad breath, a darting tongue and a wet sloppy kiss are rated as the biggest kissing turn-offs according to science, it might also be your smell, taste or even your pheromones that’s causing the problem. Being a bad kisser can be a deal breaker, but kissing is more complicated than most people think. Studies show that when it comes to kissing there’s no one size fits all and something that’s a turn off for one person might be the perfect kiss for another. The secret is to take it slow, follow their lead, and to kiss them the way that they’re kissing you.   So What Constitutes A Bad Kiss?...

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