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The Top Kissing Turn-Offs According To Science

Have you ever wondered what constitutes a bad kiss? Whilst bad breath, a darting tongue and a wet sloppy kiss are rated as the biggest kissing turn-offs according to science, it might also be your smell, taste or even your pheromones that’s causing the problem.

Being a bad kisser can be a deal breaker, but kissing is more complicated than most people think. Studies show that when it comes to kissing there’s no one size fits all and something that’s a turn off for one person might be the perfect kiss for another. The secret is to take it slow, follow their lead, and to kiss them the way that they’re kissing you.


So What Constitutes A Bad Kiss? Here Are The Top Kissing Turn-Offs According To Science:

1.  Bad Breath And Teeth

Bad breath or halitosis can be an embarrassing problem and is one of the top kissing and dating deal breakers. In fact a study by the University of New York found that for women the smell of man’s breath was a major factor in deciding whether to keep dating, whilst bad teeth were rated as a turn-off. Our breath provides vital clues about our overall health, the health of our teeth and underlying health issues.

These cues along with other information passed through a kiss  can affect our level of attraction (or repulsion ) and help us to make a subconscious decision about the kind of relationship we want to have.


What Causes Bad Breath?

So what causes bad breath? Bad breath can be caused by a number of factors including diet, underlying health issues, medication, oral hygiene and lifestyle habits  such as smoking.

But while bad breath can be an embarrassing problem, it doesn’t need to put a permanent dampener on your love life and kissability.

Give your teeth a bit of love with a visit to the dentist and brush and floss regularly, avoid smoking and if the problem persists take a closer look at your diet and lifestyle.

It’s also best to avoid garlic and onion before that big date. Last but definitely not least, avoid the number one kissing turn-off according to science by keeping your breath kissably fresh (and ready for that kiss) with Breath Pearls, an all-natural sugar free breath freshener that works from the inside out.


2.  Wet Sloppy Kiss

Second on the list of top kissing turn-offs according to science is a big, wet, sloppy kiss. Studies show that men and women have different pre-wired preferences when it comes to kissing, with men tending to prefer a wet kiss with plenty of saliva.



A wet open-mouthed kiss releases small amounts of testosterone, which researchers believe may help to increase a woman’s arousal over time. But before you jump in with that big sloppy kiss, studies show that a kiss with too much saliva can be a major turn-off for women, particularly in the early stages of dating.  


3. Too Much Tongue

While the French Kiss is without a doubt one of the most passionate kisses, sometimes it’s a case of too much of a good thing with too much tongue rated as kissing turn-off number three.

Studies show that while men prefer more tongue, the wet open-mouthed kiss and are more likely to initiate a tongue kiss, most women preferred less tongue and saliva particularly in short term relationships.


4. The Darting Tongue Or Snake Tongue

The darting tongue or snake tongue follows closely behind as one of the top kissing turn-offs to avoid. It’s not just a matter of how much tongue you use, but also what you do with it that counts.

A kiss is about connection and anticipation, so slow down. Kissing studies reveal that women crave variety, preferring men who aren’t just stuck on one speed but who alternate between hot and passionate kisses and nurturing, tender kisses.

Of course if they go straight in for the French kiss and you’re in the mood, go for it.

5. The Forceful Tongue Kiss

Last but definitely not least, when it comes to tongue kisses the tongue down the throat is a definite no-no. It’s easy to become a little overzealous when you’re swept up in the throes of passion, but kissing isn’t a competition to see how long you can hold your breath. 

Take it slow and let them come up for air. 

6.  The Hard Kiss

The hard kiss is one of those kisses that can be a kissing turn-off or a turn-on depending on the situation. Kissing isn’t just about you. Leave them room to participate and connect. Avoid the forceful or hard kiss, unless you’ve tested the waters, or if they lunge at you first. 

7. Stubble

The second last kissing turn-off is stubble. Now stubble might be is a kissing turn-on, but pash rash definitely isn’t.In fact, stubble can as a non-verbal deterrent to kissing, with our subconscious fear of pash rash affecting levels of arousal and kissing enthusiasm.

If you’re sporting a bit of stubble keep it at length where the bristles are still a little soft and alternate your style to give their lips and face a bit of reprieve.

8. The Dead Fish Kiss

 Last but definitely not least is the dead fish, a one-sided kiss with zero passion or enthusiasm in return. Kissing is about connection and is a game best played with two.

So, if you’re into them, show some enthusiasm and let them know that you’re into them as well. On the other hand, you’re not into the kiss, you don’t have to kiss them. Simply break away.



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