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A fresh Breath Revolution

This innovative product range is here to
revolutionize your oral hygiene routine.

The Story of Breath Pearls

Let's start with the star of the show— Breath Pearls softgel capsules. First developed in 1996, these tiny, mighty pearls contain powerful and natural breath freshening ingredients that work gently from your stomach to your mouth.

Unlike traditional mints that merely mask bad breath, Breath Pearls tackle the root of the problem, ensuring you stay fresh and confident throughout the day.

Breath Pearls unique formulation contains natural, premium ingredients. Our peppermint and parsley seed oils are sourced directly from the lush fields of Tasmania, known for their exquisite essential oils. 

This ensures that you experience the purest freshness with every breath you take.

Breath Pearls were created with an understanding of the importance of oral hygiene and effective, natural ingredients. We understand that a healthy smile goes beyond just fresh breath—it's a reflection of confidence and overall well-being. 

With Breath Pearls products you can enjoy the benefits of a powerful breath freshener without unnecessary ingredients like artificial flavours, alcohol or sweeteners.

NEW to the Breath Pearls range are our SMILE toothpastes, expertly formulated to complete the Breath Pearls oral care experience.  Breath Pearls Smile Intense Breath Freshening and Breath Pearls Anti-plaque Whitening formulas are vegan friendly and fluoride-free.

We recommend experiencing the 2X breath freshening formula of Breath Pearls Intense Breath Freshening toothpaste in the morning followed by 2 Breath Pearls softgel capsules for a super fresh and confident start to your day.  At night keep your smile bright with Breath Pearls Anti-plaque Whitening toothpaste and 2 Breath Pearls softgel capsules.

So, say goodbye to bad breath woes and hello to the fresh breath revolution with Breath Pearls.

Made with love in Australia, powered by the finest essential oils from Tasmania, and designed with your oral health in mind, this range is here to elevate your breath and boost your confidence.

 It's time to unlock a world of fresh possibilities!