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Your Mouth-Friendly Morning Routine

Healthy teeth and gums can be maintained by having a good morning routine.

What kind of "morning person" are you? When the alarm goes off, do you jump out of bed eager to start the day, or do you wander back under the blankets until the very last minute?

We can all do a lot of things to ensure that we start each day with a healthy teeth and gums, regardless of how our morning routines differ from one another.


Our bodies can lose moisture, particularly if we have a tendency to get warm at night. In fact, according to some research, water makes up around 80% of the weight we lose overnight.

Dehydration may result from this, and as we all know, dehydration raises the risk of gum disease. Most people likely do drink in the mornings, most often tea or coffee or perhaps a fruit juice. Some claim that coffee and tea are diuretics, but others now doubt this claim. Although it can be acidic, fruit juice is probably better for hydration, drinking excessively could potentially damage the enamel of your teeth.

Most of us probably won't skip our morning drinks, whether it is coffee or tea, but drinking a glass of water will also help in hydrating your body before the day begins.

Your Breakfast

You've likely heard the phrase "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," Breakfast literally means breaking your fast. Your body is low on energy since you spent a lot of time at night fasting (your sleeping hours).

Eating breakfast not only boosts your energy levels and helps you focus better in work or in school, but it also helps with many other aspects of your physical and mental health. As with any meal, sugar should be limited. So do yourself a favor and have a healthy breakfast!

Cleaning your teeth

We hope that everyone will brush their teeth both in the morning and at night. Some have claimed that cleaning your teeth in the morning is not as important because you already did it the night before and there hasn't been any food eaten since.

While somewhat accurate, the night is when germs can gather on the teeth, tongue and gums, particularly when dehydrated (see above). This is why your morning clean is just as important as your nightly clean and Regular flossing is essential to maintaining a healthy oral routine. As part of good oral care discipline, you also need to see your Dentist.

What oral care products should you use?

Try our BREATH PEARLS Smile Toothpaste, unlike other toothpastes, each variety of BREATH PEARLS Smile contains our powerful and intense cleaning and freshening formula.

And for your breath fresheners, try our BREATH PEARLS Soft gels, unlike conventional breath fresheners which only mask odor, all-natural Breath Pearls give you lasting confidence by attacking bad breath at the source.

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