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What’s a great way to bring people together and enjoy a pleasant day? A PICNIC.

June 18th every year is International Picnic Day. Many countries around the world are celebrating this event. This day is an opportunity to enjoy outdoors with friends and family, share a meal, have fun activities or just simply enjoy each other’s company.

Picnic is a relaxing change of pace from our daily lives, and it is a favorite warm-weather activity of many.  

So go outside, grab your picnic basket, bring along your favorite people, and join us celebrate International Picnic Day!



Prepare for International Picnic Day - get everything you need ready and plan some activities that you think will be fun for everyone. Surely, there are lots of ways to celebrate this pleasant day!


Simply enjoy a picnic with family or friends

Find a nearby beautiful spot to celebrate International Picnic Day, or simply take your picnic blanket out at the garden and grab some food while enjoy an open-air meal. If you got work, take your lunch hour outside in the park and enjoy the scenery with a yummy meal.

Organize some games

Plan some activities that your everyone can enjoy. May it be a picnic basket relay, play some outdoor sports or simply a board game on the blanket sounds nice.

Explore new places

If you’re looking into exploring a new area or getting to know your city better, arrange a picnic somewhere you haven’t been to and you’ll get to discover a new spot for hangouts or unwinding time.

Take a hike and enjoy nature around you

Going outside and taking a walk relieves stress and improves your mood. After your hike or walk, you’ll be eager to take a nice break on your blanket and enjoy a yummy meal.



  • Sandwiches: This is the ideal picnic snack since they make everything simple.
  • Fruits: They are wonderful picnic food as they come in their own natural packaging.
  • Finger foods; Potato Chips or cheese sticks will make a picnic delicious!
  • Cold Juice and Water; It’s nice to have cold drinks on hand for everyone
  • Paper Towels; You might have a big spill on your hands, better to come ready!
  • Trash bags; For easy clean up when the picnic's over.

And lastly, Breath Pearls, to keep your breath fresh all day outdoors and help you with digestion. Enjoy your day without bad breath worries!


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