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Value Pack - 4x Breath Pearls WHITENING Toothpaste Bundle

Value Pack - 4x Breath Pearls WHITENING Toothpaste Bundle

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Breath Pearls Smile WHITENING Toothpaste 

NEW Breath Pearls Smile Toothpaste has been specially formulated to provide the ultimate fresh breath experience.


Unlike other toothpastes Breath Pearls Smile contains our powerful and intense breath freshening formula keeping your breath fresher for longer. Brush your teeth with our 2X (double strength) formula in the morning for sparking clean teeth and lasting fresh breath and at night use our Extra Whitening Formula for a brighter smile.


The makers of Breath Pearls recommend that you pursue a sensible oral care program including flossing, brushing your teeth regularly and swallowing a Breath Pearls capsule after meals.

Hero ingredient Xylitol:

Xylitol helps reduce the risk of tooth decay by enhancing saliva flow. The saliva flow helps stabilize the overall pH levels to decrease harmful bacteria in the mouth. The harmful bacteria are also responsible for conditions like gingivitis, xerostomia, and periodontitis.




- Natural flavours

- No sodium lauryl sulfate, sulfate free

- Fluoride free

- Paraben free

- VEGAN: no animal products or testing

- Australian owned