How to Reduce First Kiss Nerves

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous before that delicious first kiss. It means that you’re excited, and that’s a good thing. And just remember, chances are they’re just as nervous as you are. Here are my top tips to help reduce your first kiss nerves: 1. Focus on the Positive My first tip is to … Continued

Job Interview Tips for Introverts

No matter who you are, job interviews are stressful. But they can be particularly hard for introverts. Here are the top nine job interview tips for introverts to help you to put your best foot forward.First impressions count and they stick. Research shows that those first few seconds and minutes of an interview can make … Continued

Job Interview Confidence Hacks

There’s no denying that job interviews are daunting. Here are my job interview confidence hacks that will make your next interview a breeze. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t put your best foot forward. Here are my job interview confidence hacks that will make your next interview a breeze. Projecting Non-Verbal Confidence Did you know … Continued

Job Interview Body Language Mistakes to avoid

One of biggest things that stands in the way of you and the job you want is your non-verbal communication. Within as little as a tenth of a second your body language, facial expressions, breathing, gestures and paralanguage or the way you speak has revealed valuable information about your personality, confidence and emotions. Here are the … Continued

Overcoming Job Interview Anxiety

Overcoming Job Interview Anxiety It’s normal to feel some level of anxiety or discomfort during a job interview. However, for some people that anxiety can detrimentally affect their performance, how they interact, and how they’re perceived. Here’s how to keep overcome job interview anxiety and keep those nerves in check. Why do we feel stressed … Continued